Bachelorette DVD Movie

Bachelorette DVD Movie
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On the night before an old friend's wedding, three frisky bridesmaids go searching for a little fun but find much more than they bargained for. Becky (Rebel Wilson) set to marry her handsome sweetheart, and the remaining members of her high school clique reunite for one last bachelorette party in the Big Apple. Regan (Kirsten Dunst) the overachieving, ϋber-Maid of Honor, Gena (Lizzy Caplan) the smart sarcastic one, and Katie (Isla Fisher) the ditzy beauty all join the party.

Cast & Crew

Actors: • Kirsten Dunst • Isla Fisher • Lizzy Caplan • Rebel Wilson • James Marsden • Adam Scott

Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay

Production Year: 2012

Release Date: 3/19/2013

Length: 87 mins

Rating: R

UPC Code: 013132604565

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