Divergent (Blu-ray + DVD + HD UltraViolet)

Divergent (Blu-ray + DVD + HD UltraViolet)
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Synopsis : Divergent Blu-ray Movie

Divergent is a thrilling action adventure starring Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and Theo James. Based on the best-selling series by Veronica Roth.

"Divergent" will inevitably be compared by many to that other YA book series, "Hunger Games." And while both books have strong young heroines, the books and movies are actually quite different. See the movie and judge for yourself. I went to see it with my family, but the theater had audiences of all ages - from older 40-50 something couples, to groups of high school-college friends, to middle schoolers with their friends or families. I would recommend this to the same audience that went to see "Hunger Games" - PG-13 and up.

For those not familiar with Veronica Roth's book, "Divergent" is the story of Beatrice (Tris) Prior, a young lady living in futuristic Chicago. Due to post-war effects, their society is divided into 5 factions that represent 5 virtues - Abnegation (selflessness/service to others), Candor (honesty), Dauntless (bravery), Amity (peace) and Erudite (knowledge/learning). Those who do not belong to a faction (basically, ostracized from society) are called "factionless." When they come of age, they attend a ceremony to select the faction they will join for the rest of their lives. Most choose the faction they are born in, while others may "defect." During the pre-ceremony aptitude test, Beatrice is told that her test results were "inconclusive", meaning she doesn't see to belong to a specific group. They call this "Divergent." Their society views "Divergents" as dangerous so Beatrice must keep this secret to protect her life. When she chooses her faction, she meets her new mentor and trainer Four and the brutal Eric and forms friendships with other new initiates Christina, Will and Al.

Cast & Crew : Divergent Blu-ray Movie


Miles Teller

Jai Courtney

Theo James

Zoe Kravitz

Shailene Woodley

Maggie Q

Ray Stevenson

Kate Winslet

Ashley Judd

Tony Goldwyn


Douglas Wick

Lucy Fisher


Neil Burger

Product Information : Divergent Blu-ray Movie


Length 2 hrs. 19 mins.

Rating PG-13

Release Date: Aug 05 2014

Added Jun 09 2014

Production Year 2014

UPC Code 031398198727

Studio Summit Entertainment

Divergent DVD + Digital
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