Why Stop Now DVD Movie

Why Stop Now DVD Movie
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Synopsis: Why Stop Now DVD

Piano prodigy Eli Bloom (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network, To Rome with Love) is on his way to the most important audition of his life, but first he has to drop his mother Penny (Oscar-winner Melissa Leo, The Fighter) off at drug rehab.

Since she has to test positive to be admitted, mother and son end up at the door of her dealer Sprinkles (Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock) in search of one last score. But because Penny's in debt and Sprinkles is low on product, Eli unwittingly must play negotiator as the unlikely team hits the streets.

A quinceanera, unruly sock puppet, and American Revolution reenactment are among the obstacles that stand in their way in this absurdly funny and revelatory adventure.

Cast & Crew Why Stop Now DVD


Tracy Morgan Melissa Lee Sarah Ramos Jesse Eisenberg Isiah Whitlock, Jr.


Ron Nyswaner


Ron Nyswaner

Why Stop Now DVD

Studio: MPI

Production Year: 2012

Release Date: 12/11/2012

Length: 88 mins

Rating: NR

UPC Code: 030306983691

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